Pride NW Official Saturday Night Dance Party

Gaylabration is an annual dance party and fundraiser taking pride in celebrating the diversity of love and relationships in our community and supports the. All profits support the fulfillment of the Pride Northwest core mission.

For most legends, it takes a lifetime to achieve that status. For DJ/Producer Joe Gauthreaux (pronounced “GO TROW”), legend came quickly and in only about a decade. As one of the most sought after DJs in the industry, Gauthreaux has a resume full of main events that prove the legend. From events during Winter Party Festival to Atlantis Cruises to Black Party New York to San Diego Pride, his name is notorious for an amazing experience.

The New Orleans native began his career there at age 16 and he quickly became the resident DJ at Oz Nightclub in the famous French Quarter. Joe became quickly in demand at events around the Circuit and at nightclubs around the world as club goers recognized his ability to read the crowds and offer a diverse musical experience, which served to set him apart from the DJs of the day. Centaur Entertainment tapped Gauthreaux for his first CD compilation in 2002 with Party Groove: Blue Ball and other CDs followed. He remains a reporting DJ for Billboard Magazine.

In 2003, Gauthreaux said goodbye to New Orleans and set his sites on New York City. It wasn’t long before he became a favorite at clubs such as the renowned Roxy, Avalon, Pacha and at the Pavillion in Fire Island Pines. In 2009, he moved yet again and this time to Los Angeles as his international presence grew into new Asian and South American markets, among others. Joe is now recognized and in demand around the world with some bookings coming nearly two years in advance.

The competitive DJ market is not a match for this DJ. In 2009, Joe raised the bar for himself as he began producing some of his own remixes, which include “You Are” by Tony Moran featuring Frenchie Davis and “Loca” by Ranny featuring Nina Flowers. Others new remixes are on the way and will feature some of the industry’s hottest artists.

Whether you are expecting disco house, progressive rhythms, tribal drums or soulful funk, the legendary DJ/Producer Joe Gauthreaux will have you on the dance floor experiencing a musical journey you won’t ever forget. 

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David Sylvester

FWB Records, NoFomo, SF/PDX

David Sylvester produces and DJs edgy techno and house that finds inspiration equally in the past and the future. He is a co-founder of Friends With Benefits Records and a resident DJ of NoFomo, an inclusive party that explores the cosmic sounds of Portland’s homegrown dance music scene. He produced remixes for Nark, Bright Light Bright Light ft. Elton John, La Fraicheur and Greg Kozo, Microfilm, Vain Hein, Double Duchess, and Walker Lukens. He has performed on bills with Massimiliano Pagliara, Lauer, Kris Wadsworth, Prosumer, Hard Ton, Rotciv, Octo Octa, Cherushii, Jeno, Carlos Souffront, Gay Marvine, Nark, and more. He has contributed to podcasts including Acid Camp, Honey Soundsystem, ultrawizardsword, Death By Rainbow, Jacktone Radio, Always Never Yesterday, SubSensory Recordings, and Gays Hate Techno.




The Circus Project believes in art as a powerful vehicle for transformation, which cuts across social barriers to inspire new perspectives and creative solutions to conflict.  We believe that art is most relevant and evocative when the process through which it is created reflects the diversity of our community.

Thus, the Circus Project strives to foster an atmosphere of diversity, creativity, and respect in which people feel able to participate, express themselves, and be heard independently of their gender, race, color, religion, physical abilities, mental diagnosis, national or ethnic origin, social status, income, age, size, sexual orientation, or gender identification. 

Seattle Shibari

Seattle Shibari brings sexy, cirque-style rope suspension to the stage--a hot fusion of sensual Japanese-style rope art, innovative costuming, and naughty flair!