Portland Pride NW Official Saturday Night Dance Party

Gaylabration is an annual dance party and fundraiser taking pride in celebrating the diversity of love and relationships in our community and supports the. All profits support the fulfillment of the Pride Northwest core mission.

Gaylabration actively raises funds to support the LGBTQ Community's health, education, safety, and equality via charity dance events.

The first Gaylabration was launched in 2011, following the passage of marriage equality legislation in New York, as a way to celebrate love and community. While the United States continued to deny same-sex couples in Oregon and throughout the nation the right to wed, our community chose to unite in support of marriage equality. Now, with LGBT rights still an issue we unite once again in celebration and support. Gaylabration has also evolved to become the featured Saturday night dance party of Pride weekend and therefore expanded its mission to include enhancing the dance music scene in Portland by bringing in premier DJs and production. 

The Gaylabration Portland Pride Event is an annual dance party and fundraiser taking pride in celebrating the diversity of love and relationships in our community. All profits of that event support the fulfillment of the Pride Northwest core mission.


Pride Northwest, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, based in Portland, Oregon, serving the Pacific Northwest LGBTQ community. Pride Northwest is community-run and community-led.

Founded in 1994, their mission is to encourage and celebrate the positive diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans communities, and to assist in the education of all people through the development of activities that showcase the history, accomplishments, and talents of these communities. Pride Northwest is most known for the annual Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade, the largest LGBTQ cultural celebration between San Francisco and Seattle. Pride Northwest also works to celebrate and support the whole of the Pacific Northwest’s LGBTQ community year-round. Whether working with the City of Portland to improve the safety and livability of the LGBTQ community, supporting other Pride organizations like Q Center, Latino Pride, Black Pride, and API Pride, to supporting World AIDS Day, incarcerated LGBT youth, or showcasing the artistic talents of LGBTQ people, our goal is to provide visibility and to celebrate the culture and contributions of our community.

Our House provides healthcare, housing, and other vital services to low-income people living with HIV.

Our House has been part of the Portland community since 1988.  Our services have expanded but our commitment to people living with HIV has remained the same.  HIV is a complex and challenging disease that can often be overwhelming.  The Our House team of expert clinicians works with people with HIV who are having difficulty managing independent living.  They tailor services for each individual that defines what “living well” means to them.

Over the years we have expanded services that now range from regular in-home visits by clinical staff to 24-hour residential skilled nursing services.  As the health of a resident or client improves or declines, we are able to continue to provide services within our continuum of care.